Friday, March 18, 2016

Hello blogging world :)

Heyyyy blogging world. Its me Allie here. This is my first ever blog post so its an exciting time in life! Anyways, just thought I'd introduce myself a little, I'm from American Fork Utah but I currently attend Utah State University in Logan Utah and I absolutely love it here. It's exactly where I need to be. My sister is currently up here as well and it has been way cool to have her here with me! I have been blessed with the BEST roommates and they have really ended up to be my best friends. They always say you find your closest friends in college and boy is that right. I'll for sure be talking about them and our past/future adventures as we wrap up our first year here at Utah State.
Hmmm so lets see where to start, well I'm 18 years old so I guess I'll start out with 18 cool facts about myself.
1. I love red mountain dew (its the key to my heart *wink* *wink*)
2: I love anything that has to do with sports
3: I played softball and basketball in high school
4: I'm a costa vida addict
5: My very favorite color is blue
6: My favorite Disney movie is Lion King (I currently have a lion king pillowcase on my pillow at college... lol I'm still 5)
7: I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints and its a huge part in my life!
8: I'm currently planning to go on a mission for that church in the fall
9: I am not an animal person
10: My favorite TV show is Grey's Anatomy
11: I've been to 32 states in the US (Vermont being my fav besides Utah)
12: My car's name is Pearl and she's a homie
13: I love to listen to people's problems
14: one of my very favorite things to do is go 4-wheeling
15: I've only broken one bone in my body and it was my toe so I don't think that counts haha!
16: My favorite book is The story of Elizabeth Smart
17: I am the least artistic person you will ever know
18: My high score in bowling is currently 167 (not too shabby huh?!) but my goal in life is to get 300 so stay tuned America.
haha anyways, I hope you enjoyed that. Stay tuned for the updates on my crazy college life.
Peace and Blessings
Love, Allie  

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