Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Highlights of the past 7.5 months

So I just thought I'd update you on the major points that have happened so far in my time up here at Utah State! So here goes nothing.  P.S. I promise the next ones won't be as long. Its just hard to cram your whole life in a blog post ya know?? 
August was the month that everything changed for me:
I became an adult, moved 2 hours away from home, met some of my best friends for the first time and went on some crazy adventures.
 All finished decorating my room
Caitie, me and Abbey after we got turnt
Lots of canoeing instead of class :)
The squad
Maddie surprised me for my birthday weekend
bless her little heart
We went to potato land
September consisted of lots of football, friends,
 freezing weather and farewells
lol I think this is the only picture of all my roommates together
(Abbey, Caitie, Me, Ashly, Sierra, and Josee)

This describes me and abbey's relationship perfectly

Rainy/ Snowy/ Sunshine all in one day here in good ol' cache valley

One of my best friends Hailie after her farewell.
She is currently serving her mission in St. Petersburg, Russia and is KILLING it.

Caitie, Ash and I had the privilege to go to the
 General Women's Broadcast and it was amazing.
The church is so true guys!

 Just thought I'd throw a cool sunset in here for you guys.
The earth is way cool so go outside more.

 October consisted of lots of pumpkins, more football, midterms (ew),
and some crazy nights filled with footie pajamas and lots of Band-Aids.
BYU football games with Nichole
Logan Temple trips with Caitie and Will
Me and Ash were in the Logan Parade.
We are pretty much famous now.
Nichole came for the Homecoming game!
Hauling pumpkins for the Cache Valley Pumpkin Walk
Got to see my buddy Maddie run against USU
Payson Temple with Nicole and other Nichole
Monday nights got a little crazy
My friend Tristan got called to serve in the Honolulu Hawaii Mission!
November consisted of lots of turkey, gratefulness,
 family and just overall love.
Every night we watched a movie in the living room and it was seriously the greatest
Also soda shops are the cutest ever
Thanksgiving dinner at granny's
Me and Paisley before the feast
Love Caitie so much
(RIP Rosie)
December consisted of bitter cold weather, baptisms, Christmas
lights and lots of hot chocolate
SO SO SO cold
Hockey games with Abbey and Kayla
Road trips to Salt Lake with the J-Hole crew
(caitie and Edwin)
 Temple Square lights are a must in December

Edwin became a member of the church and it was the best day ever
Another because look how cute we are
College "Christmas" eve with the matching jammies
Grandma Sally's Christmas Party Nativity
 Temple lights again with jess and nichole
The whole fam bam

 Laycock cousins
Built a Fort on Christmas morning with bailey and daddy
Road Trip back up to Logan with Nicole
Visiting abbey while she was on drugs

 January consisted of losing my wisdom, more cold weather, lots
of late nights and a brand new semester
Abbey came to visit me after my wisdom teeth surgery
also I was very out of it while taking this
Don't do drugs kiddos
Ice skating for FHE
We went to the temple like 4 times this week
Me and ab swag at the Neil L Anderson Devotional
Snuck a quick picture of him and shook his hand.
let me tell you that man has a real good grip.
February consisted of more farewells, family, lots of
 road trips and more roomie photo-shoots.
Abbey got her mission call to serve in the California Anaheim Spanish Speaking Mission reporting June 14 to the Mexico MTC
(that will be the saddest day of my life)
random road trips to pleasant grove are always
worth it even if you have to wake up at 5 am
Tristan's farewell, now she is in Hawaii soaking up
the sun and preaching the gospel
Grandma Sally's birthday lunch at golden corral
wow gonna miss them so much
the 3 future missionaries of snow 208
moms bday lunch at sizzler
KK's mission farewell! She is going to Washington DC South Spanish Speaking!
Well we are still in March but so far it has consisted of spring break, the Dinger Squad, more mission calls and lots of green.
Lots of time was spent with them
(reegs and brenna)
My view all of spring break :)
another dinger squad pic minus savana
Love brielle so much
Brielle is going to Malaga Spain!!!!
All of the dinger squad back in action

St. Patrick's Day!
Lunch at Morty's with the roomies
(I ate my burger in like 1 minute so yeah)
yesterday me and Abbey rode to the temple on our scooters and almost got hit by a semi,also it was a 5 mile scooter ride and I would highly recommend not going that far or your legs might fall off.
So yeah that's my college life so far
hope you liked it.
Peace and Blessings
Love, Allie